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As You are aware from 01st July, 2017 onward GST will almost replace all the existing tax regimes of the States and the Central Government.

This new GST regime calls for an entirely electronic web based Tax filing, settlement and payment processes.

We Computer Lab as an Application Service Provider (ASP) are developing a totally automated unique platform on the web which will provide an user friendly Application on the web to smoothly handle all your GST related processes with ease, and all these with highest level of security, maintaining separate individual databases for each clients with unique GST identification numbers (GSTIN).

The data mapping can even be done for processing any none-compliant Sales data and convert into fully compliant GST data calculating the correct taxes, generating the GST invoices and also printing them.

Our system automates the entire process through various inbuilt intelligence to interpret your raw data, convert them into GST required filing processes and then integrate and reconcile with GSTN, while maintaining all the running ledgers.

Our ASP application is compatible with any client ERP software and provides the best link to the GSTN server.

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