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Mr. Badal Mohanty
Senior Manager (Admin & Operations)
Understand the goals of the organization and develop a clear vision of exactly how operations will help achieve them which involves translating these goals into implications for the operation's performance, objectives, quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost.
Mr. Susanta Kumar Pradhan
Senior Manager (Projects)
In charge of Project Management by Proper Planning of Implementation of Manpower Resources, Plants and Machineries, Deployment of Systems in field projects. Develop the project plan. Manage and communicate with project stakeholders.
Ms. P. Sunita James
Senior Manager (HR & MIS)
In charge of recruitment in Cuttack Head Office by conducting interviews, implementing Staff Selection procedure as per the HR Policy in the organization. onfidential Documents. Preparing Project based Salary Calculations of Employees.
Mr. Arnab Kumar Das
Manager (Admin)
Organizational Budgeting and Resource Planning of NPR Bhubaneswar. Ensuring proper Book keeping at Karnataka and Bangalore. Sensitizing all the accounting units about the Accounting Protocol.
Mr. Prakash Mohapatra
Manager (Projects)
Co-ordinate with the Management Board for proper implementation of Quality Control in Project Management.
Mr. Jogajiban Das
Manager (Accounts)
In charge of whole Accounts Department by maintaining Head of Accounts. Provide accurate and satisfactory data when it needed for the top management. Maintain the chronological record of all the transaction.
Mr. Sujit Ray
Manager (Systems)
Coordinate with the Tech team of UIDAI, RGI and ECIL in seeking clarification and sorting out escalated issues. Escalate whenever the backlog piles up beyond the prescribed limit at any sub process. Data analysis of Operator & UIDAI Portal user data analysis.
Mr. Santosh Kumar Mishra
Manager (Operation)
Responsible for coordinating the components of biometric operation in terms of resource deployment and productivity. He needs to develop strategy for optimum utilization of resources for highest productivity. Ensure smooth information flow upwards.
Straglin Behera
Manager (HR)
In-charge of HO and BME Attendance, Deployment (New Posting, Transfers and Terminations) in consultation with SrMgr HR and Dir (Bio), Compensation and Grievance Redressal. Requisitioning details from the Trg/ Rect Team of all the people selected to be deployed.
Pragyan Priyadarsini Paramita Nayak
Manager (Tech)
Be on top of the latest operational guideline as per the UIDAI mandated technology. Coordinate with the Tech team of UIDAI, RGI and ECIL in seeking clarification and sorting out escalated issues.
Mr. Aurobindo Pratihari
Manager (Procurement/Stores)
Designated custodian of the Central Store. Guide and Assist his team with the best practices of documentation and filing practices. Custodian of all files and transaction documents.
Pradipta Kumar Pradhan
Manager Accounts & Finance, Bhubaneswar
Look after the NPR Project account of CLAB. Maintains and balances subsidiary accounts by verifying, allocating, posting, reconciling transactions, resolving discrepancies.
Suchismita Mohapatra
Asst. Manager Admin, Bhubaneswar
Preparations of bill along with all enclose certification from ECIL and sending it to ECIL H.O & follow up their records in detail basis.
Sonali Priyadarsini Biswal
Asst. Manager H.R., Bhubaneswar
Creating personal file & record them as per our norms. Compile and manage all employees Database details. Creation new bank a/c & handling all bank related quires.
Sucharita Ray
Asst. Manager Accounts, Bhubaneswar
Supporting & Assisting Accounts Manager in accounting information by recording, verifying, consolidating, and entering transactions by using tally.
Bharat Bhusan Priyadarshan
Asst. Manager Operation & MIS, Bhubaneswar
Ensuring that jobs are manufactured correctly cost effectively and delivered on time in accordance to customer build specification and quality requirements.
Asish Kumar Sahoo
Asst. Manager Tech., Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar
The work involved and follows the project through testing and production deployment phases. Perform & familiar with all levels of tasks such as troubleshooting and resolving technical problems.
Prachi Prava Mohanty
Asst. Manager MIS, Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar
Analyzing & Forecasting data for operations to help design strategy heading through MIS.
Dinesh Das
Asst. Manager Operation, Bhubaneswar
Somyakant Pati
Asst. Manager Operation, Bhubaneswar
G. Jaga Rao
Tech. Executive, Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar
Basudev Sahoo
Tech. Executive, Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar
Dipak Ray
Executive, Corporate Office, Bhubaneswar
Coordinate training programme for new recruit biometric ops & scheduling it properly and manage the complete training programs through training session.
Arun Kumar Moharana
Asst. Manager Tech, Head Office
Sarita Satpathy
Asst. Manager MIS, Head Office, Cuttack
    Our Expertise
  • Data Digitization
    Data Digitization
    The core focus areas at Computer LAB are High volume of Data Digitization.
  • Data Digitization
    Manpower Service Provider
    Data Processing & Data Base creation, Customized Software Development .
  • Data Digitization
    Aadhaar Enrollment
    Computer LAB has also expertise in implementing Systems.
  • Data Digitization
    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
    Mobile Computing solutions for power distribution utilities.
  • Indian Achivers
Award 2016
    Indian Achivers Award 2016
  • Skoch Order of Merit
    Skoch Order of Merit
  • Small Business Award 2013
    Small Business Award 2013
  • MSME National Award 2010
    MSME National Award 2010
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